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Discover, experience and enjoy


Inspired by the Italian passion, we made it our mission to create precious moments lived with passion. We have made the traditional Limoncello our own (Scusa!) and added a good dose of passion (fruit) to it. That makes Passimoncello a combination of Italian passion, tropical taste and Dutch entrepreneurship.

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In our opinion, living with passion consists of gaining new experiences. So also discovering new drinks! With Passimoncello you get a liqueur that is excellent as a base for cocktails and mixed drinks. Below are a few of our own favorites!


Be chic!

1/4 part Passimocello
3/4 part Cava or Champagne


Brazilian Passion

1 part Passimoncello
1 part Vodka
1 Lime
Cane sugar

Garnish: Lime/Passion fruit edible flowers

Flaming Passion

Set your evening on fire!

1 part Passimoncello
1 part Malibu rum
15 ml Creme de cassis
1 lime
Fanta (optional)

Garnish: Half a lime

Fresh Pascello

No passion, no glory

4/10 part Passimocello
2,5/10 part Hendrick's Gin
2,5/10 part Aperol Spritz
1,5/10 part Licor 43
1 splash of lime juice

Frozen mango daiquiri

30ML Passimoncello
15ML Mango sourz
125ML Coolbest mango dream

Garnish: frozen mango pieces and ice

Passari Cocktail

30ML Passimoncello
30ML Safari
60ML Mooza Guave
105ML Spa Peach

Garnish: Passion fruit seeds, lime slice and ice

Passi Colada

I’m in love with the kokos!

1/5 part Passimocello
2/5 part mango juice
2/5 part Alpro Coconut
1 scoop Monin Banana

Pornstar Martini

I thought you deserved an evening with a pornstar.....martini

Fill shaker with ice
egg white of 1 egg
40ML Passimoncello
20ML Vanilla Vodka
10ML Vanilla syrup
60ML Passion Fruit Juice
Shake and serve in a Martini glass

Garnish: half passion fruit


The perfect ending to your dinner!

2 scoops of whipped cream ice cream
40 ml Prosecco (or cava/champagne)
20 ml Passimoncello

About us

Nice to meet you

We are Simon and Harm. Two friends since high school, but above all the proud creators and developers of your favorite passion fruit liqueur: Passimoncello.

In this part of the website we can talk about the exceptional quality of Passimoncello, the genius ideas and the perfect combination of our ingredients. But we prefer to leave the assessment of our liqueur to you. Instead, we prefer to tell about our background.

It started years ago. Two young brats who discovered from each other that they both shared the same passion for entrepreneurship. So in no time we were at the head of an illegal, but very lucrative business that revolved around cheaper selling candy and chocolate bars in the school cafeteria. And now, during the Limoncello hype in 2021, we came up with the idea to shake up the market again. This time not with pranks, but by giving an old product a modern and exotic look.

It did cost us something; the Italians will not be happy with our interpretation of their classic Limoncello. But hey, with change there will always be a group that you can’t keep happy. Just ask the canteen teacher at our old high school!

On the other hand, we got to know an even larger group that is super enthusiastic about our Passimoncello. We are eternally grateful to you for that. Our mission is to make our passion our job and to let more people discover their own passion. This with the bigger picture to bring more happiness to your world and which can be celebrated with a nice drink from time to time!


Did you know?

Passimoncello only uses 100% natural ingredients. So no bullshit with flavor enhancers and preservatives!

Passimoncello is an unfiltered liqueur. We have left the passion fruit fibers in it for the very best taste and color experience. To best show this off, we recommend: Shake before pouring!

Despite the tropical taste, our bottle is not afraid of a little cold. So serve it ice cold!

Passimoncello can be used in many ways! For example, think of desserts, or surprise us with your own creations!

Our passion fruit has its origin in Peru. Here they have another sister, namely the Maracuja. A less sweet, but certainly tasty variant of the passion fruit as we know it here!

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